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Welcome to Very Alien Productions!

We’re an indie developer of iOS apps...and loving every minute of it!


Volunteerio is our newest app that tracks service or volunteer hours. Making the world a better place one hour at a time...


Trigonomics provides tools for solving triangles, exploring the unit circle and waves, looking up identities, and graphing trigonometric functions.


Geometrics calculates the area and perimeter of regular shapes, and areas of irregular shapes.


Algebraics will first focus on quadratic and cubic functions and roots, as well as prime factorization, greatest common divisor, and least common multiple.

Base Station

Base Station is a base converter. It handles fractions and negative numbers. It also provides tools for IEEE floating point, unicodes, and RGB colors.

Vector Victor

Vector Victor is an iPad app all about vectors. It lets users visualize in both 2D and 3D.

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