Vector Victor – Overview

Vector Victor takes the mystery out of vectors. Our first iPad-only app, it is simple to create, manipulate, and perform calculations and operations on vectors in 2D or stunning 3D. The app provides definitions of vector properties, as well examples of how to use them.

For 2D:
  • Draw vectors by swiping with your finger or entering values in a table.
  • Edit vectors with taps and swipes or changing values in a table.
  • With a tap, create a perpendicular, parallel, reflected, or unit vector.
  • Change the grid units and origin position.
For fabulous 3D:
  • Draw and edit vectors by entering values in a table.
  • Rotate and zoom the 3D space with swipe and pinch gestures.
For both 2D and 3D, perform calculations and operations on two vectors:
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Dot product
  • Cross product
  • Scalar projection
  • Angle between vectors
  • Indication of whether parallel or perpendicular

Watch the video demonstration!