Trigonomics – Overview

Perfect for students, professionals, or casual users alike, Trigonomics combines essential tools for calculating triangles, exploring the unit circle and waves, looking up identities, and graphing. Now a universal version for iPad too!

  1. Triangle Solver - Provide the minimum combination of triangle side lengths and angles and Trigonomics draws the resulting triangle.
    • Calculates the area and perimeter
    • Alerts you when entered values cannot create a triangle
    • Detects ambiguous case when entered values can create two different triangles
    • Change a single value or multiple values at a time
    • Rotate the triangle
  2. Unit Circle - Tap a standard angle position around the unit circle or numerically enter any angle to lookup coordinates and to understand the key relationships between an angle and its sine and cosine.
  3. Wave Explorer - Adjust the amplitude, frequency, and phase of a sine wave to see the impact.
  4. Identities - Look up the most common (and some not-so-common) trig identities.
  5. Graph - Plot up to three trigonometric functions at the same time.
    • Enter your own custom functions!
    • Draw once or loop the graph continuously
    • See the unit circle being drawn as functions are plotted

Angles can be in degrees or radians and you can convert between the two units at any time.

Watch the video demonstration!