Volunteerio – Overview

Making the world a better place one hour at a time...

Volunteerio is a tool that helps volunteers easily enter, track, and report service hours. Key features of the app include:

  • Calendar integration – If you are planning ahead by entering future service hours, there is an easy option to add the volunteer event to the iOS calendar. If you prefer having Apple's Calendar app track service events, those can be easily imported into Volunteerio by adding a simple #tag to the calendar event's Notes field.
  • Reporting/Exporting – Create PDF reports or export detailed data to spreadsheets (CSV). Open those in PDF readers or spreadsheet apps, or share them via e-mail, texting, or AirDrop.
  • Multiple organizations – Volunteer hours can be assigned to various sponsoring organizations, which can be effortlessly defined ahead of time. However, Volunteerio is smart enough to create a new organization while you are entering a new event.
  • Filtering – To help with time reporting, you can add a filter to track hours by organization, as well as by date range.

Volunteerio is a great app for those curious about how much time is donated. It is a very helpful app for people adding volunteer time to the resumes, including students, stay-at-home-parents, and career changers. It is an essential app for those needing to report volunteer hours as part of job or service organization requirements.

Pip, pip, Volunteerio!