Algebraics – What’s Next

Below are version updates to Algebraics and what did (or will) change.

Version 1.4 (Went live 23 Oct 2013)

  • iOS 7 compatibility

Version 1.3 (Submitted 26 Jan 2013)

  • iOS 6, iPhone 5, and iPod touch 5th generation compatibility - Sorry for taking so long.
  • New app icon - Tell us if you like this one better.
  • Request rating or review - We know so many of you love this app. We’re just encouraging you to rate or review it!

Version 1.2.2 (Went live 10 Oct 2011)

  • iOS 5 compatibility

Version 1.2.1 (Went live 07 Sep 2011)

  • Bug fixes - Make them stop!

Version 1.2 (Went live 21 Apr 2011)

  • Added calculation of logarithms - Algebraics will not only calculate popular logarithms, like base 10 (common log), base e (natural log), and base 2 (binary log), but you can also choose any other base from 3 to 20!
  • Can now factor and calculate GCD & LCM for up to 10 numbers - Algebraics used to only be able to factor and calculate GCD and LCM for two numbers. We had requests for 3 or 4 numbers. We went one (actually six) better and can factor and calculate GCD and LCM for up to 10 numbers!
  • Added new info (about) tab - There is now a FAQ list that can be updated as needed (without updating to a new version of the app). There is a link to rate or review the app, and there is a list of our other apps.
  • Editing coefficient field value now shows original entered content - There are times when people need to add more numbers but round to just a few decimal places. The app now allows you to edit your original (not rounded) number.