Geometrics – What’s Next

Below are version updates to Geometrics and what did (or will) change.

Version 1.6 (Went live 17 Oct 2013)

  • iOS 7 compatibility

Version 1.5 (Went live 01 Feb 2013)

  • iOS 6, iPhone 5, and iPod touch 5th generation compatibility - Sorry for taking so long.
  • New app icon - Tell us if you like this one better.
  • Parallelograms and rhombi now proportionally draw to dimensions - We thought you might like this nice touch.
  • Sum table better shows changes to individual shape area - We decided upon a simpler and straightforward way of telling whether a shape area is being adjusted.
  • Error messages now show only when there is a problem with user-entered data - Previously, the app showed error messages for any incorrect value, even those calculated. This often was confusing. Now, we find the root cause and display that error.
  • Alert user if values entered for acute triangle cannot really form an acute triangle  (Same thing for obtuse triangle) - This just clarifies things a bit. This fix is more about drawing the triangle correctly.
  • Added code to request a rating or review after so many uses - So many of you have written us with kind comments, we’re hoping you might write reviews.
  • Bug fixes - Won’t they ever stop!?!

Version 1.4 (Went live 21 Nov 2011)

  • Can now more easily subtract shape from total area - By tapping and holding on '+' button, you will be asked to add or subtract the shape area from the total. A little bit of convenience; a litle bit of time savings.
  • Shapes can now have individual, custom names in Sum list - Having a lot of shapes named, Circle, Right Triangle, Pentagon, etc. can get confusing. So, we added a way to create custom names for each shape.
  • Each shape can now have any value for the area multiplier - There was a nice slider that made changing the multiplier fun and easy, but it limited what the multiplier could be to just a few values. We had several requests to make this any general value, which we did.
  • Added more detailed About view - The About dialog now even includes FAQs.
  • Bug fixes - They never go away.

Version 1.3 (Went live 05 Jan 2011)

  1. Calculations and content in shape solvers:
    • Circle circumference and area can now be calculated in terms of π.
    • Added 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 special right triangles. Area and perimeter can now be calculated in terms of √3 or √2.
    • Added general trapezoid shape.
    • Trapezoid area and perimeter can now be calculated when n-1 parameters supplied.
    • Added triangle and square to polygons to calculate knowing only a radius or apothem.
    • Hexagon area and perimeter can now be calculated in terms of √3.
  2. Graphics and user interface:
    • Shape dimensions on shape solver views are now embedded in a table that can be scrolled while the keyboard is shown.
    • Many shapes are now drawn proportionally per dimensions on shape solver views.
    • All graphics and drawing now support retina display.
    • Replaced standard shape segmented control with a custom control that is more “integrated” with view.
  3. Implemented additional alerts and warnings to ensure appropriate dimensions are entered so that shapes can be created properly:
    • Hypotenuse in a right triangle must be longer than other two sides.
    • If acute or obtuse triangle cannot be created given the side lengths provided (failed Heron’s formula).
    • Parallelogram and trapezoid sides must not be shorter than height.
    • When trapezoid cannot be realized (i.e., individual parameters have been entered correctly, but taken together cannot form a trapezoid).
    • Rhombus sides must longer than half of either diagonal length.
  4. Made rounding more consistent. For values entered by a user, original (unrounded) value is shown when field is tapped for editing.
  5. Localized the decimal separator. (Remains a “.” in North America, but will adjust to other symbols, such as a comma, in other countries, as specified by the user’s device settings.)
  6. Added 4th decimal precision in Settings; changed “Unlimited” to “Maximum”.
  7. Updated About view, including adding E-mail and Very Alien Apps buttons.
  8. “Infrastructure” improvements to prepare for future full iPad capability.

Version 1.0.1 (Went live 11 Dec 2009)

  • Updated rhombus area calculation to 1/2 product of diagonals - We calculated the rhombus area like a square. Incredibly embarrassing mistake number one. This wasn’t even a was a design issue! No excuses. Fixed.
  • Corrected calculations for parallelograms and trapezoids - A couple more area calculation errors. Incredibly embarrassing mistakes number two and three. Another design flaw. We have sacked those responsible. Please accept our humblest apologies and commitment to avoid any further incredibly embarrassing mistakes.
  • Improved handling of ring sector - Removed calculation constraints when selecting two radii and an arc length. Added alerts for improper angle and improper combination of radii and arc lengths.
  • Improved degree/radian conversion - Removed constraint on automatic calculation and fixed issue when angle is calculated vs. entered. (Yes, it was a bug, but at least not incredibly embarrassing...)
  • Changed precision setting default to three decimal places - The default was maximum (unlimited) precision, but this caused confusion due to rounding errors of standard computer arithmetic. This change will not affect users who already have installed the app, it will only make the initial default precision to be three decimal places.