Trigonomics – What’s Next

Below are version updates to Trigonomics and what did (or will) change.

Version 2.5 (Submitted 21 Oct 2014)

  • iOS 8 compatibility

Version 2.4 (Went live 09 Oct 2013)

  • iOS 7 compatibility

Version 2.3 (Went live 09 May 2013)

  • Added right triangle explorer - Everything you wanted to know about right triangles but were afraid to ask.
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.2 (Went live 12 Mar 2013)

  • Improved unit circle - Now shows sin and cos on iPhone and sin, cos, tan, cot, csc, sec on iPad in landscape.
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.1 (Went live 16 Jan 2013)

  • New app icon - Tell us if you like this one better.
  • Triangle solver interface improvements - Added perpendicular symbol to right triangles and inserted 90° (or π/2) into gamma field when choosing right triangle template.
  • User interface improvements for Graph - Added instructions, removed graphing “noise” when plotting small numbers, etc..
  • Bug fix for Identities - You can now scroll in landscape.
  • Bug fixes for Graph - Scaling problems, had to hit the Play button twice sometimes, legend or data points would not update after editing custom function, and typos. Sorry for all of these!

Version 2.0.1 (Went live 05 Oct 2012)

  • iPhone 5, iPod Gen 5, iOS compatibility
  • Minor interface improvements
  • Bug fixes - Re-enabled precision and swipe settings (oops).

Version 2.0 (Went live 12 Sep 2012)

  • Full iPad compatibility!
  • Improved Displaying of Identities - No more disappearing identities in the list!

Version 1.5 (Went live 13 Dec 2011)

  • Trig identities! - After many requests, we finally added them!
  • Wave Explorer - Added explorer to help explain the amplitude, frequency, and phase of a wave.

Version 1.4 (Went live 20 Nov 2011)

  • Ability to display triangle "templates" before entering numbers! - One of the features of Trigonomics is being able to create any triangle without forcing the user into a template. However, there was “popular demand” for this feature, so we added it. Hey, you can’t say we don’t listen to customers!
  • Bug fixes - A leak here, a leak there. Our goal is no leaks anywhere.

Version 1.3 (Went live 17 Oct 2011)

  • Many new graphing features - You can now add custom functions! (iOS 4+ only) A table shows actual graph values. Tap-and-hold magnifies the graph and highlights the points in the table.
  • User interface improvements - Including the unit circle view asking you if you want to switch to degrees if you enter a value outside of [-2π, 2π].
  • Added detailed app info (about) tab
  • Added option for 5th decimal precision
  • iOS 5 compatibility

Version 1.2 (Went live 06 Dec 2010)

  • Updated images and drawing to support the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch retina display - We figured we have to make the app look nice on the newest devices...
  • Minor visual updates to the app info (about) view - Just a couple quick edits to update the copyright notice and encourage suggestions and comments from users.

Version 1.1 (Went live 18 Jan 2010)

  • Updated the drawn triangle area on the solver screen - First, we made the triangle area bigger, then we got rid of the buttons to rotate the triangle and instead use swiping gestures. (It is the iPhone after all...what were we thinking making the user tap buttons to rotate?)
  • Added more information to the ambiguous case alert - This great idea came from a user. If the ambiguous case rears its ugly head, the alert now explains more information about the two triangles that can result. We enhanced the experience further by now allowing you to choose which triangle you want to solve and display.
  • Allowed the unit circle to display any angle - This is another great customer suggestion. A user can still get the standard angles (i.e., 30°, 45°, 60°, ...) and coordinate values by tapping on the circle, but a new button now allows entering any angle to get any coordinate values.
  • Decimal separator is now localized - This means that if you live in a country that uses a comma instead of a period (point) for a decimal separator, you can have a comma instead of a period! Sorry for taking so long to make this happen.
  • Made precision rounding more consistent - Before this version, values you entered were not rounded per the option specified in the Settings app. Now, all fields are rounded to the right decimal place appropriately.
  • Allows editing of full value in a field - Now when you click on a field, the full value entered or calculated (all decimal places) is available for editing, not just the rounded value.
  • Added 4th decimal precision - We have now added the option of having four digits to the right of the decimal separator. Adjust this in the Settings app.
  • Updated the info view - Among the many changes to the “about” view, added an e-mail button to Very Alien so users can send feedback from within the app.
  • Fixed missing calculations for SSA - If you wanted to solve a triangle using side-side-angle and entered one of the sides last, there was a 50% chance that the triangle would not solve. (A work around was entering the angle last.) Arguably, this was a bug. But, we caught this one before anyone told us about it...

Version 1.0.1 (Went live 18 Nov 2009)

  • Updated graphing to improve transitions when changing functions - Occasionally after adding functions to be plotted while paused, the newly-added functions did not plot correctly.
  • Changed precision setting default to three decimal places - The default was maximum (unlimited) precision, but this caused confusion due to rounding errors of standard computer arithmetic. For example, a user would expect 60°, but instead was shown 59.999996° or 60.000008°. With this change, a new user who has not changed the precision setting will see 60.000°. This change will not affect users who already have installed the app, it will only make the initial default precision to be three decimal places.
  • Fixed x,y coordinate issue in unit circle 3rd and 4th quadrant - Okay, this is a simple, silly bug, and we’re very embarrassed we missed it. For 210°, 240°, 300°, and 330° the x and y coordinate values were swapped (and therefore, incorrect). They are now correct. Please accept our most sincere apologies.